What do you want to create?

A conference? A client advisory board? A digital seminar? A moonshot thinking session?

Should it be a live format, a pre-recorded session, a video and/or an audio experience – or a hybrid of all the above?

The sky is the limit.

Drawing on my vast experience in front of a camera, a microphone and live audiences, I am passionate about facilitating conversation and telling stories. I love assisting others to tell their own stories in a confident way.

I love being the catalyst for your new vision, helping you to connect the dots, ask questions and instigate creative flow until you can see the path to get there.

I love analyzing dynamics, advising on strategy and creating space to resolve conflict.

Get in touch with your ideas and needs. Together we work out how to make it happen.

My keywords for topics for panels and conferences:

  • Working towards a healthy planet – Sustainability, Sustainable Finance, Circular Economy, SDGs, Climate Solutions, ESG, Impact Investing, Blended Finance, Green Finance, Social Finance, Greening Economics, Greening the Financial System, Eco-Social Transformation, GreenTech, Digitalization
  • European Business and Geopolitics
  • China Finance and the Internationalization of the RMB

My keywords for training and consulting:

  • Media, Interviews, Press, Communication, Confidence
  • Mediation, Conflict resolution, Restorative Circles
  • Creativity, Moonshot Thinking, Reimagine
  • Work-Life Balance, Finding your Sweet Spot, Meditation